• bryleigh 10w

    I’ll wait for you.

    I thought we had something
    I thought it was real
    I genuinely thought you liked me
    I thought you felt the same way

    But I guess I’m just another girl
    Another friend that you ran into
    Another “broski” in your life
    I guess I’ll just never be able to make you happy like someone else can

    But I need you to know
    That this doesn’t change anything
    Yes, I’m hurt. Yes, It sucks.
    But I still care about you more than myself

    Out of anything in the world
    I want you to be happy
    And if you’re happy with someone else,
    Then go get her.

    Just don’t settle for less than you deserve.

    Now I can’t judge what you’re feeling
    Because I’m not in that position.
    I can’t tell you that your emotions aren’t real,
    Because I’ll just never know what the world looks like through your lens.

    But I do know that I will be with you.

    Even when you try to push me away.
    Even when you’re broken down and when you have nowhere else to turn, even when you’re at your worst. I’ll still be by your side.

    Because true love waits.