• _poetandididntknowit_ 6w

    Go with the flow.

    It is what it is,
    just go with the flow,
    you can't change the future,
    relax take it slow.

    Things are sent to try us,
    it's not meant to be easy,
    don't dwell on the past,
    let it be bright, let it be breezy.

    Focus on yourself,
    you need to stay strong,
    you've got friends, you've got family,
    they've been there all along.

    Every day's a new day,
    Take them as they come,
    some days will be full of sunshine,
    others will be glazed, gloomy and glum.

    Positivity is the key,
    it will only make you stronger,
    negativity is not the answer,
    don't even overthink, don't even ponder.

    It's easier said than done,
    you know that, I know that too,
    but taking little steps together,
    you and I we'll both get through.

    Poetry's my saviour,
    that's a gift from me to you,
    do what you please with it,
    it helped me it might help you too.