• fallen_42 20w


    If grief ever had a face
    What would it look like
    Would it be a man or woman
    Or a little foetus, who didn't know her family would soon throw her out
    Or perhaps a flower shedding its petals
    Or maybe a mother bird seeing her nest with eggs, all destroyed
    If grief ever had a body
    Would it be that of a giraffe
    Almost never ending
    Or that of an elephant
    For being so enormous
    That sometimes it felt like it was so hard not to notice the elephant in the room
    If grief ever had a beginning
    Would it be like seeds
    Growing into a tree
    From everything that watered it
    The tears, the smiles and the memories
    Or would it be more like a bubble wrap
    Popping, making noise everytime somebody said,"but you don't look fine"
    Grief of all the things i know
    Seems like a child trying to walk
    And i,a happy mother, hold its hands,
    walk with it
    Until one of us falls again
    Grief, is a bond
    I share with the parts i lost
    And as soon as i close my eyes
    It turns into oblivion
    perhaps grief is a chameleon
    Changing colors, hiding in the crevices of the skin
    Sometimes i believe
    That grief is a paranoid hope
    Thinking the world is out to get her
    Kill her
    And give away her grieving parts to happiness hallucinating how it feels to be sad
    Grief is a good weather
    And not being able to feel it
    Today its raining
    And i haven't felt more relieved
    Does that mean
    I have stopped grieving
    Or grief afterall looks like a rainfall
    I was carrying an umbrella for all this while
    Today i choose to dance
    And make paper boats
    Set them to sail
    And reach a world
    Where grief sits by the river side
    Throwing stones in it
    And waits for ripples to fade away
    Without knowing that it was the one
    Which created them in the first place