• joshpoem 23w


    So today, I decided to dig into my own past
    Pushing past sediments of memories that have accrued over the years in their assorted layers
    The object of exploration was a piece of bygone identity
    One for which the moment needs to make reference
    The first I bumped into was yesterdays glory
    Carefully secured in golden plaques that gave more reason for pride to a brag sheet
    Next came a not too distant photograph
    With suspicious eyes looking out of a hollow socket
    A body whose structure is yet to make up it's mind all wrapped up in dishelvelled clothing
    Then I found a playlist of the many lies I composed for myself at an age where ignorance was not only bliss
    It was also cocksure
    Played them over to amuse a growing curiosity
    lyrics so weak a bunny can knock them over
    Then came all of the things I did on purpose,
    The dumb questions and clever answers that came from a deliberate attempt
    My contribution to the ecosystem of masculine and feminine confidence
    Because you don't only get wise asking foolish questions
    You equally make deposits into the feel-good account of others
    Afterwards, I happen up grades that have both put a smile on my face and others that stole them away
    Then came finally the dumb walls built by powerful humans
    How their kinsmen continue to renovate them with the passage of time
    How I played my own part
    How my patriotism conduct itself behind them.
    How my thoughts and intelligence stay frozen under their time and time-outs
    So today i came to the conclusion that i have evolved
    I've heard fossils can tell us how much our earth have changed
    My fossils gave proof to global warming in my earth
    An increasing temperature in my climate
    But for the right reason
    Because a cold world needs the heat from the fireplace where mouths warm up to one another in order to teach cold hearts and feet the lesson on what matters the most
    That line where we all started our race
    Gratitude will always be the conclusion in your scientific method when your fossils are keenly studied under todays microscope
    When you dig up your own fossils you promptly become grateful for the change in your climate
    I am grateful for mine.