• akankshya_writes 23w


    Months have passed..
    But the longing never ends..
    My feelings poured out like a river..
    But yours were shallow..
    I thought there would be reciprocate love..
    But in return... ignorance braced me..

    Hours of long wait
    turned to tears of pain..
    But never did you give the
    wait any gain...
    Aloud you used to laugh with
    your friends..
    But I guess.. Never
    did you notice ur secret lover
    standing in the corner..
    Watching you.. silently..
    Silence is what I hold on now to..
    For your ignorance seems unending too..

    Your laughter seemed so pacifying..
    I was lost in it.. As if a musician
    lost between lines..
    Before he finds himself and sings
    Not to mention how solacing it
    was for my pains..

    Your eyes were what used to
    drive me crazy..
    Those mesmerising blue ones
    in which I drown day and night..

    Numerous attempts gone in vain..
    I seemed invisible to you...
    Or may be you appeared so lost
    in your world... that you hardly
    cared around you..

    Had I gained your love..
    I would have given you
    thousand times more..
    But it is okay.. since
    love given is not always
    expected to return..
    Your little happy moments
    is what will keep me alive..

    But my love will keep on flowing..
    Like a stream.. Unstoppable..
    Everlasting and evergoing..
    Because this sacred love is a
    gift to me by God..
    Though you never gave it a
    proper nod...