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    Let me talk about a gem. Well, the society said that, when she was born, she was all her parents thought of. But not really. She was sent to a government school and soon she was forced to stop her studies. She kept on fighting with her family and everyone who said she can't study anymore. Her parents wanted her to be happy and hence they found a good guy to marry her daughter, their gem. It was the second day of her new, so called marriage life, that's said beautiful, when she realised that her husband is actually a jobless, unemployment, uneducated human being.So, taking a deep breath, not thinking about anything, she urged her better half, who is considered as the God after the marriage by the society, she urged him to let her study further and so she could do something better. And then her God, slapped him in front of everyone. She was abused by the rest of the family members. Crying, she called her mother and told that she was been slapped and harassed by her own husband, the God. And she went to a trauma when her mother asked her to keep her mouth shut and respect someone even after he slaps you. Soon she was one of those depressed, disturbed lady who was suffering from a total irrelevant abuses from her own husband and family. They never said she was depressed, she was suffering from a mental disorder according to them. She kept on lying about her wounds that her husband gave her. She was the unpaid maid, the abusable care taker and the cook who was into punishments for no reasons, of her family. They kept on beating her everytime she cried, or even when she opened her mouth. Once in a year she visited her home, and everytime she wanted to say anything, she remembered , she had no one to talk about, not even her own mother who gave her birth. Slowly she got used to everything and it kept on building inside her brain. All the money that came with the dowry, they used to spend on themselves. One day they told her why she was born, her purpose to be in their house, to get married and why she is still alive! To give birth to a baby boy. And so here she was nine months praying everyday that she doesn't brings a girl into the world and finally her prayers got answered and she was blessed with a baby boy. First time in her life she smiled for real. She was again a happy soul. She found someone she thought would be her family. She used to talk to the baby about everything she had learnt. Her values of life and everything. As the boy grew up, he was again in a negative surrounding. She was always scared if he gets into trouble or become like his father. But with all her efforts she didn't kept quiet for the first time. She sent him to a very good school and kept the child away from every negative thing she could. But one fine morning, she understood that she can't risk with her child and she managed to keep him away and asked her mother to keep him and teach him so that he becomes an person of good morals. She again kept her happiness away, just to see his child happy. She never let her pain change anything in her child. And so did her child became a good son with the morals she wanted to see in him. He kept working hard always, for his mother. He used to promise her that he would fight with the world for her mother's justice and she always used to say that his success would be her justice. She visited once in two or three months to her son and had those best times with him. Slowly he was growing up, becoming a good human. He disliked his father's behavior towards his mother and so soon he started hating his father.
    It was the day when his board exams got ended and he got to know that her mother was suffering from a major brain tumor. He was pissed at his mother's husband who used to give her those mental disordered tablets that turned a simple headache to a major tumor. This was the time when he could see the world ending. He never imagined this could happen. She was taken to the hospital, and finally her treatment began. She was asked to rest and the family lost their unpaid maid for a while. She was useless now and so nobody cared for her and one day she just gave up. She wished that her son would bring all the happiness in her life but she couldn't see that, even his results. Her mother was traumatized knowing that she was no more. She went to her son in law, her daughter's God and started crying. That day she realised that it was all her fault. It was because of her she lost her gem. The world lost a gem, a brilliant mind and a beautiful soul that day.
    All her life she kept fighting for all the rights that she deserved. And so are many of them...
    We loose a gem everyday.
    It's 2020 and still those little gems are fighting for things which they should get, what they really deserve.
    And the fact is everyone fights and claims to be feminists, but why do we need to be feminists?

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    The gem

    It's been long since we are fighting to get what we deserve, isn't it?
    It's been long we are crying and lying to get a life, isn't it?
    It's been long, long time and still we are not able to define what equality really is, isn't it?
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