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    Constant Rain Of Words

    Let's get drenched,
    In the 'constant'
    Rain of words.

    Words heal,
    Words captivate,
    Words hypnotize.

    Bank of words,
    Available to all,
    Mirakee , rich in words.

    Use words as flowers,
    Not as swords,
    Words heal, words kill.

    Wound of weapons heal,
    Wounds of words, incurable.
    Use words to heal.

    Wealth once given,
    May someday perish,
    Words remain cherished.

    Constant kindness,
    Creates humanity,
    Constant kindness imbibe.

    Get drenched,
    In the constant ,
    Rain of words.



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    Get drenched in the 'constant'
    Rain of words .