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    Just Rain

    I think of times
    When it used to be
    My children and I
    And all their dreams
    Forced to live in such a place
    With no freedom and democracy.
    The only thing that stays the same
    Is the change in weather, the rain.

    When the sun came out,
    I felt like it was going astray
    When it rained, even cats and dogs
    The rain seemed to be sure about its purpose.
    It rains and it rains
    Through the remains of our dignity
    And leaves us with nothing but our pains.
    We see from a great distance,
    Rain as a fog, but we know it is there, unlike a brighter tomorrow

    It seeps in the ground and nourishes the soil
    Let it just rain.

    -Kali Selepe

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    Just Rain

    ©Kali Selepe
    #anotherperspective #affectofweather