• shimmerycorners 10w

    I was never intolerant

    My muslim friend posted -
    Celebrate Diwali
    But without crackers
    I listened
    So I didn't

    Later it was bakra Eid
    Her family lives next to me
    They butcher the bakra on their terrace
    The bakra screams for the whole day
    We shut the windows
    But those wails couldn't be unheard

    So I posted
    Celebrate bakra Eid
    But without butchering a bakra
    And if you still have to do it
    Don't kill him in the residential area

    Do it somewhere else
    Cuz whether you know it or not
    We find bones next day on our terrace
    A terrace of a household
    Termed as shudh shakhari

    So posted it and tagged her
    Next day I was beheaded
    In the name of God
    Then I woke up

    Cuz I was scared of them
    The sword holding peacekeepers