• the_invictaa 9w

    There are times when there's a sudden realization.
    Life is freakingly unpredictable so much so that you don't realize when is your last day you are living this life and you cannot know that- THIS is your last day or hour,minute or might be second where in a flash there's everything that sweeps you with the fact that the life you are living is just a gift and you don't have a pinch of right in controlling over it!

    Even before you lived those moments you thought of living.
    Before heading to the journey you thought of.
    Before mending the broken pieces you unintentionally scattered.
    Before even realizing that this is the last fucking feeling of your heart breathing to keep you alive - this life is taken away from you in a blink that too without your permission!

    A very short span we have and here we are unrest among ourselves over bloody minute problems,
    Over material possessions that doesn't even hold a meaning to us beyond this life.
    We're crying over,fighting over, hurting - creating so much indifferences.
    We forget for how long we are here- indeed not for very long!
    Extending that hatred,negativity,sadness to your known ones is not very necessary.
    Why not try to make others happy?
    Why not try to spread a little smile on those faces having a bad day?
    and why not shall we live this very day as if it's the last one we gotta live?
    Coz we all have very less time in our hands.
    Coz this is a very short story we are allowed to create on the screenplay of LIFE!

    ~Pallabi Banerjee