• abeautiful_soul 5w

    Dedicated to the one who belonged to here, and would always remain a part of us.


    This is unsettling.
    I was out for a day(deactivated)I'm back with this one member missing. A big loss to us. And it's so unsettling. You were one of those mirakeens I've adored the most for those amazing thoughts and purity in soul . A bunch of us have been affected by what you wrote. I'll miss you and your write-ups man. I respect the reasons due to which your account couldn't be seen now. But we'll miss. Maybe we need them.
    I haven't known you in person but as a pure soul who has always reflected upon beautiful aspects of life, good morals, values, so much of things to learn. You were blossoming here. This halt, no one knows the reason. It's so harsh. And it's the truth, unacceptable as always. But you'll always be remembered for your good deeds. And I'm sure that you've met the divine and you're still blossoming up there.

    I want to say(although not so many of you would be reviewing this, but still I would say) to all of you people right here on mirakee -
    A beautiful soul, not me but you all. I love you all I want to tell before anybody else leaves now, due any reason(be it only a departure from mirakee). I love you all. Irrespective of who you're, your gender, age, my personal attachment to you. I've always. Mirakee has been a holy place to me. I've cherished and adored pure souls here. And I always pray for well being and prosperity for all of you. May god bless us.🙏

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    You'll always be a part of mirakee.
    I pray for your soul to rest in peace.