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    This is who I am. A short, boring nerd. And I'm proud of it.��

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    From Me to You

    I'm not an ideal guy.
    I'm not handsome,
    No sense of humour,
    It's even safe to call me
    A nerd, a boring guy, or
    Even a loser.
    I can't give you anything you want.
    All I can give you is
    Potterhead, star wars and superhero references.
    Boring speeches about life.
    Ask how your day was.
    Give you a shoulder to cry and
    If possible solve the problems before you cry.
    Most importantly always listen to you,
    Support you where you are right
    And help you see where you are wrong.
    I'll never make you choose between me and anyone you love.
    And I'll always pray for your happiness and try to keep you happy.
    That's all I can promise,
    From me to you.