• therelatingfeel 10w

    Happy day met my chotu

    I'm glad and blessed that i have bro
    Some one who is there along with me
    Through my thick and thin phase of life
    He always stood by me
    No matter how hard I neglected him
    He was there with me at every stage
    I was though ignoring him
    But he was making sure to see me safe
    He thinks he annoys and irritates me
    But the truth my day is incomplete without his disturbance
    It was tough for me to believe him at first
    But I'm happy that he put his promise til the end

    What could I say what he has done for me
    He took care of me like an elder brother
    I was broken hurt and crying
    He came through his sweet words for me
    He comforted me from the things I was bearing
    By making jokes which has no sense any more
    I'm glad I know him because he a backbone to my body now
    Always took care of me like a, small kid though we are not related by blood but our bond is more than that