• msupraja 5w

    When we are so apart,
    We don't talk,
    Still when I try to debugg you,
    I let myself break again and again,
    Why do I break myself?
    When your vibes are reflected,
    When my heart starts feeling better enough,
    Strong enough, when I let to be peace so far from you,
    Still when your vibes are reflected, I spill
    Like a blood, you are so worse to express, to be
    Interactive, to hold on relation and me.
    I was like a infant baby, just born in
    Love life, I filled to you , who came to me
    And left, you know I am untouched with experiences,
    You breaked me knowing how far I loved you,
    How innocent my heart is ,
    Still you breaked me?
    Why your vibes?
    When I try to be strong,
    Why your vibes?
    Why your vibes reflects and hurt me,
    And my heart starts bleeding again and again,
    Even u have never came back, but I keep digging your life sometimes, that hurts me much ,
    Why your vibes , breaking me, ?
    Please go to he'll, pls just go he'll,
    I can't bear myself, I can't.
    Pls go away,
    . _M.SUPRAJA

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    Why your vibes?