• vanshikatandon 23w

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    So, I got inspired from 'taare zameen par', a fantastic film, my forever favourite.
    I want to portray the struggles of a dyslexic child.

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    A jovial boy aged eight,
    with a glow and charisma on his face,
    had the wisest mind,
    with the utmost adroitness,
    Indifferent from the world,
    was beyond the bound of time,
    he procrastinated every task,
    found happiness in isolation.

    He was an imaginator,
    engrossed in depicting himself
    merely on a piece of paper.

    Failed to make up to people's expectation,
    for words were muddled in his head,
    red marks in his notebook was what he get.

    The alphabets were Monsters,
    the words were a trap,
    where he lost his capabilities,
    and found himself closed behind bars.

    Always lost in a world of his own,
    where situations were better
    and he wasn't alone,
    with colourful vibgyor and sun that shone,
    where seeds of happiness by him were sown.

    He was a deep sea of emotions,
    sometimes with the brightest smile,
    while at others was difficult to reconcile.
    sometimes with tears his eyes so swollen,
    sometimes was silent with words unspoken.

    High time for the world to understand now,
    go on the feelings and not on the words.
    See his interpretation of the world so eternal,
    become empathetic,
    don't judge the book by its external,
    for he isn't wrong,
    but capable of Laurels.

    Uniqueness is what God has gifted,
    let talents and skills grow unrestricted.