• tabassum_bharmal 9w

    Dear society, family and each and every people I have met in my life.

    No. I don't want to be strong.
    No. I don't want to be understanding.
    No. I don't want to be brave.
    No. I don't want to be obedient.
    No. I don't want to be good.
    No. I don't want to meet society's expectations and standards.
    No. I don't want to compromise.
    No. I don't want material things.
    No. I don't want you to say me what I did wrong.
    No. I don't and won't be quiet anymore.
    No. I don't want to be great.
    No. I don't want to be rational.
    No. I don't want to marry at your expectations.
    No. I don't need your advice.
    No. I don't want to be a good girl.
    No. I am not a thing, you use and throw.
    No. I won't be insecured about myself.
    No. I don't fake.
    No. I don't do show off or pull people down. It's not in my blood.
    No. I don't want to cook.
    No. I don't want to do household chores.
    No. I am not gonna doubt my self anymore.
    Yes. I am one in a billion.
    Yes. I am loud.
    Yes. I am sensitive.
    Yes. I want love.
    Yes. I am bold.
    Yes. I am fearless.
    Yes. I am ferocious.
    Yes. I have changed because it's for me and my good and no other options has been left.
    Yes. I don't have that grace or features that you want in a girl and you know what I don't want it because I own who I am.
    Yes. I am a tomboy sometimes. You don't have to care about it.
    Yes. I am everything that you can't even image in your dreams.
    Yes. I am worthy.
    Yes. I deserve the world.
    Yes. I deserve the best because I am the best.
    Yes. I deserve all the happiness of the world.
    Yes. I deserve respect.
    Yes. I deserve success.
    Yes. I am special.
    Yes. I am enough.
    Yes. I cry at every small thing not because I am a girl because I am a human.
    Yes. I have dreams.
    Yes. I dream big.
    Yes. I have a voice louder and stronger than you.
    Yes. you are intimidated by me and my potential.
    Yes. I am fragile.
    Yes. I am emotional.
    Yes. I make mistakes.
    Yes. I want to scream.
    Yes. I am an introvert as I am done with people.
    Yes. I have anxiety which you don't even know what it is.
    Yes. I have depression.
    Yes. You're afraid of me making it big as it will hurt your ego.
    Yes. I am happy and sad at the same time or at the other moment.
    Yes. I have failed.
    Yes. I am letting go everything and everyone who aren't worthy of my love, time and life.
    Yes. I am letting go everything and everyone who doesn't serve me in my purpose.
    Yes. I am gonna make it big. Watch me as I go.
    Yes. I am like this.
    Yes. I am who I am. Not like you living in vain.

    You haven't been in my shoes so keep your opinions to yourself. I am done with this shit. So, dear each and every person and people, please keep your unwanted opinions to yourself. I don't give a shit and fuck about anyone now and about their beliefs. If you are not genuine and don't bring me genuine happiness, love and peace, you're out of my life, straight away. No matter how close you have been to me. You will see a person you have never seen before. My mental peace is everything to me even if that means removing people from my life. Yes. I am ready to change my life.

    - Tabassum.