• mythoughtswithfolu 5w


    I observed
    That through ages past
    One truth remains
    I observed
    That this present age
    This truth is true
    I observed
    That ages yet to come
    This truth is yet new

    The truth of God's marvelous love
    The truth of his character- loving,kind and merciful

    I observed
    That his character could only be expressed in the express image of his person - his son Jesus
    I observe
    That since the day I threw myself in his arms
    My life received peace and direction

    I observed
    That as many will come to accept his love,will never be cast away
    I observed
    That this love is limitless
    and free to all
    Black or white
    Tall or short
    Old or young
    Free or Bond

    I observed
    That this truth will outstand and withstand the test of time

    © My thoughts