• kelzangyoebarlhamo 31w

    On a wing and a prayer

    If it is true that a wish from a pure heart can come true I want my prayers to be heard. I am the main stem and I must stand strong enough because there are veins waiting to cling on me to reach the height of destiny. I was not born with supernatural powers to make every dream come true but I have a dream. A dream which will not only fulfill my wishes but also strengthen someone's believe in almighty,a dream which will assure a brighter future for someone and help repay everyone who has invested.

    I cry secretly with my pillow everytime something go wrong but no one gets the slightest clue ever. This time neither me nor my pillow can solve things out, there has to be hand of someone in the seventh stair of heaven or may be hidden behind clouds who have to wave the magic wand to make everything possible.
    Looking forward.