• mr_stellar 6w

    In today's world, don't intend to do good deeds. Evil is lurking around, in so many different forms. This poem depicts such a scenario, where awareness, awakening and survival are simply not possible. #poetry #thoughts #life

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    Mask of Evil

    Life is too short, to not to witness the beauty of art.
    But when you try to show the right path, do it only to the right heart.
    Because, in this doubtful world, even art doesn't have a heart.

    Friendship, relationship and bonding are bigger myths.
    True and moral intentions are the ones which will take the hardest hits.

    Evil is celebrated as good today.
    But surely, the friendly evil will consume its target one day.

    That day, those banished souls may look for a moral helper, who is the almighty God.
    He will never come, if you had already shut your door, listening to an evil fod.

    Everyone who tells sweet words upon you, are they really true?
    If you are blinded and blurred by inept knowledge, you will never get out of the sticky blue.

    Mask of evil has many faces.
    If you disregard good's crying advice, you will be permanently caught in its mazes.

    © Stellar Ram 2019