• iprefernottosay 10w

    In Wonderland and Wounded

    What is this place I've only seen in my dreams? It's wonderful and lovely, and, oh, how friendly it seems...
    You see the outside, you see the curtain they've put up, you don't see the melodies that have never had a chance to be sung...
    The rabbit is a cannibal who feeds on his own kind, the queen is a murderer who lies on beds of poor, dead men's cries.
    How many heads can one fit into a jar?
    How many cries before you realize the scars you're giving?
    How much longer must I stay in this place? How much longer must I hear the stories of such poor distaste?
    How much longer do I have in this world?
    Wonderland is not wonderful, but I wonder how much longer I must stay...