• aaditya 9w

    He loved October. Had always loved it.
    There was something sad and beautiful about it - the ending and beginning of things.

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    dear october,

    i hope you don't take it personal, but i have to let your memories go. our relationship has been complicated one.

    i appreciate that at one moment of life things start to change, and truthfully my love, that's exactly what you are.
    there were moments when things weren't sunshine between us, and i kept myself away from you so that my clothes won't get drenched.
    there were moments when everything just flowed like oceans i found joy drowning in your waves.
    there were moments when we couldn't accept each other and i felt like i was being too harsh on you.
    there were times when we smiled at each other when passed by and felt as blissful as kissing your favourite person in favourite season.

    you've been a teacher. taught me the lesson which were hardest to shove down my throat, time to time.
    you taught me that not everything that falls cannot bloom again.
    you taught me love has no timelines.
    you taught me that i deserve the same kind of love i offer to others.
    you taught me that i need to let my heart breathe freely.
    i owe you for all these lessons. however, that doesn't mean i have to hold you forever and take you wherever i go.

    i hope you don't take it personal. and maybe forgive me too.
    but i have to let you go.