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    She has the radiance of the sun;
    She is the most pious one.

    She is the embodiment of Mother Nature;
    She brings peace, wealth and rapture.

    She has long, beautiful curly hairs;
    She has a halo, which has the essence of the heavenly flares.

    Her brown eyes are dazzling and soft, they look like the petals of a lotus;
    There is a godly fragrance in her halitus.

    Her nose is decorated with a nose ring;
    Her ears are conch shaped and each ear is decorated with a golden earring.

    She has soft pink lips and she has an alluring smile;
    Her looks are enchanting and nubile.

    Her neck is bedecked with pretty necklaces;
    She carries a magic in her innocent gazes.

    She has large, voluptuous, hard and symmetrically elevated perfect breasts;
    On a giant lotus throne, she rests.

    She has thick, equally rounded shoulders and she has smooth hands;
    Her wrists are ornamented with decorative bands.

    She wears a garland of tulips;
    She has a glamorous, slender waist and she has regularly rounded hips.

    She has fleshy thighs, silky legs and tender feet;
    Her ankles are enriched with glorious anklets and her body emits angelic energies and heat.

    She wears a golden tiara;
    She has a divine aura.

    She has a very fair skin complexion;
    Her heart is filled with care and affection.

    She is draped in a ravishing scarlet saree;
    She looks very empyrean and starry.

    She possesses immense love and patience;
    She protects us and she nourishes our mind with knowledge and guidance.

    She is extremely benevolent, like a divine mother and she guides us towards the right path;
    But, at the same time, she can also transform into an embodiment of death, destruction and wrath.

    She has the power and control over all the natural resources;
    She is the most powerful apsara and she is associated with all the cosmic forces.

    I bow down to this powerful deity;
    She is supremely deific and almighty...


    Hello friends ! Recently, I had posted a story which was titled as 'The fisherman and the apsara'. In that story, I had described the beauty and nature of apsara Padmarambha in very brief lines. So now, I have made this poem which gives a detailed description of Padmarambha. Hope you all like this poem...

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