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    @saptarshi_sage_warrior hi5 bestie!!!..i wish i could tag the rest of our gang...
    @artek_personified welcome to Mirakee!!!..feels great to find you here
    @areeksanyal_ a hugeeeee welcome to you too!!! Can't believe we all are finally here������

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    And then you meet those retards
    With a crazy mind, and a heart of pure gold
    Whom God has sent to wipe up your tears
    And to turn your little joys into bigger smiles.
    Who comes to shout at you,
    Scold you,
    Fight with you,
    Laugh with you and cry with you,
    But never to leave you alone.
    They are someone, who feels untolerable at times
    Yet, you know you just can't live without them.
    And you get to realise how much they mean to you,
    Only when you miss them.
    Those mysterious creatures are known as FRIENDS!!!