• ohmrsudeep 36w

    I say serious is not my thing
    It’s just a phase or may be a fling
    Yet inside
    I want to talk, but I won’t
    I want company, but I’ll walk alone
    I crave for something
    More than mere flings
    A soul to accompany me till eternity
    Few months ago
    I was a troubled teen
    I met a woman
    Neat and keen
    We talked like kids
    Into the late nights
    Though it wasn’t a fling
    She was serious and grim
    She was wary yet sweet
    I was cute yet neurotic
    She had too many walls
    And I had too little tools
    She said she loves me on a blissful eve
    I broke her heart into a million shards
    Ripped apart her dreams and thoughts

    I often write all about my scars
    But seldom the ones that I have caused