• theseekeer 6w

    Do you believe that love can travel through miles and kiss you good morning everyday, no matter where you are? I do.

    As a kid, I always loved dogs. I grew up playing along with the street dogs around my home. And the love was pretty much mutual.

    8 years ago, when I left my home, I felt the absence of love in my life. And I realized how quintessential was my mother for my existence. I cried for days, and nights until the fountain of tears dried up.

    Meanwhile, back at home, my mother was feeding all the street dogs in the neighbor in a hope that, in some part of the world, her son never slept with an empty stomach.

    It was then that love became an invisible hand that carassed me when I broke down, fed me in hunger and held me upright in the good times.

    Rahul S.