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    So basically i have read this somewhere, that if we fall in love twice then that means the first one wasn't Love actually. may be it could be affection or attraction or something but that could never be named as love because if that was what we call love then...we can't fall for anyone else. But on the other hand
    If we fall in love twice then (second one) that's not love exactly. That's Just we just get to have the resemblence of our first love. And because of that we misunderstood that affection as love.
    But the questions is what is the basis to differentiate between love affection attraction kind of things?
    Because mostly we misunderstood our affection as love. And sometimes we don't even realise that we are falling.
    Actually i think that there's no basis or something. Love is something that me or you can't define simply.
    Definition of love is different for everyone.
    An individual has his own way of expressing his love.
    Both the cases which I've discussed above...are true in two different situations.
    And love only happens once in lifetime...
    Other times we either misunderstood or just found some resemblence of our love.

    Umm...i don't know Mai Shi hu ya galat but��... this is what I think...��
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