• lumine_lunar 5w

    First look

    My darkest days,
    The bleary sky, dark in color,
    Rain dropping quickly in a constant rhythm,
    I brush my hair back as I sigh,
    My cold breath touching the air softly,
    I clutch the handlebars as I raise my head high,
    A glimmer,
    A hope,
    Only out of the corner of my eye, a little shine,
    A dark figure becoming clearer,
    Her dainty figure,
    Her dark hair falling at the shoulders,
    Her piercing green eyes,
    She turned to stare at me and smiled,
    I couldn't help it,
    The counters of my mouth rose,
    I breathed in and looked away,
    All the way down,
    Into the darkness of the unknown,
    I pushed myself up and stepped closer to the unknown,
    I heard footsteps, heels clacking on the ground,
    I spun around,
    The light following my every move,
    I could help but smile,
    She saved me.

    She held my hand as I breathed lightly,
    Fading away,
    I blink quickly,
    The rain becoming something beautiful as the sun begin to shine brightly around us,
    The sky getting clearer and clearer,
    Her umbrella just above my face,
    I lent and embraced her,
    I never saw her again,
    Until now,
    The light that saved my life,
    It strung to the rhythm of my heart.