• brycew 31w

    Suicide Hurts More

    Heart crushed
    Broken lives
    Retaliation established 
    Suicide occurrs

    Don't fight it
    You'll only escape life slower and you said you didn't want to be here anymore.

    Pain will always numb itself after a while.
    Let the water suffocate The life that was never loved enough to know you actually had life in you.

    As you sink you see the air pocket from your last breath rise up to the surface.
    The last sentient part of you rushing away from your falling sinking priceless body. 
    Your mind is forever lost. You instantly regret it don't you.
    But life gives nothing back.
    That cinder block tied to your ankle is not going to stop sinking and ask you if you really thought this through .

    Life is made and life is taken in the land of bullshit ideas with logical reactions.

    We numb the pain. With uppers and with the downers. We start a chase that you’ll always lose because life never slows down but your high sure does.
    We run from the Sun and moon
    The only place to go now is 6 feet down 
    Don't frown because you drown.
    Your safe now. Because no danger can touch you.
    You always said life was a little better in the dark. No face value. Just ignore the hazy pain
    The shakiness in your voice isn’t from the pain. It’s the tears you're gagging on.

    You hate your body so you choose to never look down. You always look up looking for god but I think god is under us. God is the world. We all step on him as we praise him.

    You hate yourself but no one knows it because you make everyone laugh and enjoy your presence.. Until you want a meaningful relationship and something more than a hug.

    I have an infatuation with drowning. 
    I used to see how long I could hold my breath. Until I started to pass out.
    A hazy euphoria around my eyes nose and tounge. Air leaving me like my ambition to live anymore. 
    Until I deciding to stay down after I started panicking and needed air.
    Sweet air.
    Is the earth doomed.
    Does that mean god is doomed too.
    Does that mean that nothing matters 
    Everything is a lie and conceded

    I'm just a jaded poet trying to avoid suicide by talking about suicide.

    It isn't really helping.
    But I'm still here. 
    Waiting and hoping. Hoping for what exactly. I don't know.
    For this life to end? Or for this life to move on and live?

    If you're hearing this poem then I already chose.