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    Unexpected Hero

    Chapter 21 - Continued

    Saber fell down , struggling to get up as the black balls were about to hit him , Knightwalker teleported him out before the black balls struck the ground and exploded . " You are having a hard time too , sir saber " Knightwalker said , " yeah " saber said while wiping blood from his face . Cana and hina regained consciousness and created a dual attack , combining their wind and water meanwhile Kong was trying to punch Marco who was dodging all the punches easily with help of Knightwalker's teleporting . Knightwalker teleported Marco out of Kong's range and teleported Cana and hina's combined attack towards Kong . The combined attack struck Kong causing him to fly several feets back as he fell Besides Black Star and zancrow . Kong got up heavily bleeding as black star and zancrow stood besides him and said " Black star , zancrow let's crush these rats together " . Saber stood in middle with Knightwalker and Marco on one side and Cana and hina on the other . " We'll try to create an opportunity and you use that to strike down kong , sir Saber " . "Leave it to me" saber said .

    The entire capital shakes with the noise of explosions as the battle rages on . Cross4 struggled against Kong and at the same time the bosses are about to face a huge threat in form of Dragon

    To be continued.....

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