• zia_shae 10w

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    She's brave as a blizzard,��
    But is scared of a lizard.��
    Can make grown men cry,
    But can't bear seeing a plant dry.

    She is always hungry, ����
    But cooking is not her cup of tea, ��‍��
    She thinks her hair looks like a Disney Princess that hid,
    But actually it rivals hair of hagrid.

    She's got high high nose that's a little croocked, ��
    it's a nice aristocratic touch that God overlooked,��
    She's got a lean neck like a giraffe,
    But she can spy on neighbors on her mother's behalf.

    She's tall but moves with grace, ��
    Well almost all the time except when she stumbles. ��
    Most of the time her height is a boon,
    Except for the fact that she's got no guy who promises her moon.

    She's as single as they come, ��
    But will never fall for a goon who's dumb. ��
    All in all life's good,
    Because her one only love is food.

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