• roxana91 9w

    Little girl

    Little girl, come and rest
    Your head over my shoulder.
    I want to caress your face,
    Until your pores soak over my fingers.

    Little girl, I will cover you with my love,
    To feel the warmth of my heartbeat.
    Under your pretty skin,
    Under your heart beating, love.

    I think of you even when you sleep,
    I would like to protect your desires,
    Under my protective eyelashes...
    Now and forever, my darling!

    Little girl, I take your hair
    In my hand to kiss it,
    I want it to remain imprinted
    In my addicted nostrils.

    Little girl,
    Let me kiss your forehead while I pray,
    To always have you by my side.
    How can I not think of you?
    When your love keeps me
    Chained to happiness now.