• ctsyahidah 10w

    The Twin Brothers and The Furious Mum

    One day, there lived a Boy name Zikri and Zayyan.

    Zikri and Zayyan are twins but they both have different characters.

    Zikri was 8 years where else Zayyan was 10 years from Zikri aged.

    Zikri was a selfish boy as he does not like to share things with others, where else Zayyan is a nice boy who always share things with others

    At home, Zikri will always take the same book to read and spent hours reading without exchanging book and without letting Zayyan reading the book that he took.

    As Zikri was the only boy who does not want to share, the Mum then scold Zikri and took away the book from him.

    Zikri then cried without stopping.

    The Twin Brother Zayyan who saw the incident, panicked when Zikri cried.

    He console Zikri and told Zikri to stop crying.

    But Zikri cried non stop as he was very upset.

    The mum who was still with Zikri felt anxious when he cried non stop.

    She then went to console Zikri.

    She told Zikri to stop crying.

    Zikri stopped and afterwards She explain to Zikri why she scold him.

    Zikri and Zayyan listen attentively to what the mum say and Zikri apologized to the mum and promised himself not to be selfish again.

    The End!