• jey_si 46w

    Wrote it years ago but still it's one of my favourite poem I've ever written. #writersnetwork #mirakee #happiness

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    Years ago, I was wandering around the city, asking everyone about an address "Where does happiness live?". 
    But the answer I was getting was frowned or something vacuously.
    Then I met someone "Your experience" was his name.
    He was immature like me, staring the butts and smoking the weeds.
    I asked him the same question and the reply I got. 
    "Can't you see why everyone is running? Because of money. Can't you see the one who has thicker wallet also has brighter smile? Can't you see the anguish on the face who has empty stomach? Happiness lives in money, the more you earn the more you get."

    I ran and ran in search of money, earned a lot, spent on drinks, girls and everything that I needed.
    But where was happiness? I couldn't find.
    Now again I was on that way to find "where does happiness live?".
    Again met that guy whose "Your experience" was the name.
    Now his body was full of scars but not the tattoos which he had craved.
    Silent and serene, even grey hair could be seen. "Hey, you were wrong" I told him.
    He smiled and said "I was stupid, I didn't know how happiness looks and gave you the address.
    The thing you bought was fun and comfort. Happiness and Fun are not the same thing."

    "So tell me, where does happiness live?"

    "Happiness is not with that king who has myriad realms and wants few more.
    Happiness is with that soldier who doesn't want to be like the king, but grins everytime when his medal gleams.
    Happiness is not in that which you want, but in that which you already have.
    Find it."