• wilmaneels 6w

    -Twisted Segments

    Twisted segments
    Somehow floated together
    The missing pieces of a long forgotten puzzle
    Found their home

    Faded pictures brought back to life
    Each telling their own story
    Do they make you smile today?
    I know it has been a while

    The warmth of memories
    Chasing negativity away
    It is okay to start again
    It is okay to lift your head up high
    No one will judge you
    No one dare to judge you

    They never walked in your shoes
    They never felt what you felt
    This was and still is your journey
    The choices you make
    Are ultimately yours

    You are a warrior

    Sometimes twisted segments
    Paints a brilliant picture

    Even to the ones who stand on the outside
    *wrote this on 11102013*