• khwaabeda 10w


    Isn't it weird that we all think we are better than others
    when in reality we are not even better than our past selves?
    We think we will give someone what they deserve
    but in reality we can't even give ourselves what we deserve.
    How whimsical is this world?
    How whimsical are we?
    Holding on to false anything
    letting of of true everything.
    Everyone wants something old school
    But how many of us are willing to go old?
    We stick to our mediocrity rooting for something magical to happen?
    But how many times does the universe bend it's way for something ordinary?
    Be the magic you want to happen to you
    And someday, maybe, someone will see you
    And will love you just the way you deserve
    You won't need snarky remarks
    No tinder swipes
    No incessant need to be funny or interesting
    Coz then, even the random ordinary moments will be poetic
    Because you will be loved poetry perfect.