• muditbharat 5w


    On dark and lonely nights
    When the morose moon prefers the cover of overbearing clouds
    When the stars stop twinkling in fear and stay hidden
    When the quiet murmurs of the night fade to a deathly silence
    I feel them
    Climbing out of the crevices of my mind
    Creeping along the edge of my consciousness
    Slowly, stealthily, enveloping every thought of mine
    And before I know it
    Wrapping themselves around my fragile soul
    Like a serpent's coil, tightening
    Choking all hopefulness and joy
    Until they consume me completely
    And I, broken and terrified,
    Struggling in that pitch black
    Can do nothing but pray for the night to be over

    The shadows of your memories
    They still haunt me...