• haemsun 45w


    Some were happy, some so sad
    Sun was confused, burned like mad

    Without water wilt fragile pretty leaves
    Puppies panting, mother a sigh heaves

    Smiles vanished; life breathing last breath
    All faces blank, slowly marching to death

    From high above the skies merciful God
    Sent some clouds, to his friends laud

    And His mercy hugged here one and all
    In the drizzle of love bathed big and small

    Then a while later warm charm came back
    All returned to the previous lovely jolly pack

    The sun showed again its shining bright face
    Love and joy every heart and face did grace

    All the joys joined and the earth became a heaven
    With prayers God made a rainbow with colours seven

    ... ... ...

    © Haemsun