• zafeerah_ 10w


    Remind yourself this every time someone tries to walk all over you. Tell yourself this:
    That you're beautiful in and out
    You're strong
    You were raised by a strong woman
    You never give up easily
    You're a fighter not a quitter
    Tell yourself that nobody can degrade you
    Never let them see you cry,always keep your head up
    And it's okay to break down once in a while,don't bottle up everything
    Be yourself not someone else
    Be a man/woman with honor and integrity
    Life doesn't just take you where you want to be but you make efforts to fulfill your own dreams
    Always have faith in yourself and in God too
    Make yourself proud and show all those who tried to bring you down that no matter how hard they try you will always come back stronger and better
    They can't break you
    Be you!