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    Can't we create a safe environment for everyone?

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    Unheard Cries

    Her cries went unheard,
    She was left to die;
    But she was noticed,
    As a body by a passerby.

    When they took her to the hospital,
    She was declared brought dead;
    She was raped by two people,
    And now had a squished out head.

    And suddenly everyone's inner activist came to life,
    But where were they
    When a cruel husband
    Was molesting his wife?

    Candle marches after something happened,
    Won't change the current scene;
    Teaching boys to respect girls,
    May create an atmosphere serene.

    So instead of giving boys
    'How to be cool 101' guide,
    Teach them what is right and wrong
    By keeping your patriarchal thoughts aside.