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    I am a " f o l k l o r e " picking flowers of Gulmohar and stories from a hundred street corner where lovers separate in the name of religion and class. I press those stories and flowers smelling like goodbye in my diary for generations to imbibe because Heer and Ranjha were too young to sleep forever.

    I am a " r e n a i s s a n c e p l a y " singing public rebellion against the rich monarch when the libraries of my town were set to fire suffocating history to death . I reverberate throughout civilisations that no Henry VI can reduce truth to ashes.

    I am a " n o v e l " waking up with preface to remind everyone that like Oliver Twist you too can run off from a workhouse of captivity to London barefoot , to make everyone believe that you are only an imagination away from becoming a protagonist and then I fall asleep with epilogue making you smile like your hero.

    I am a " w a r p o e t r y " being written inside a trench where the peers I shared my lunchbox with are dying without an elegy. I wake up every morning with sirens and fight until the sun sets. Thereafter I return home to sip red sweet wine and dream of castles and roses for me and all those soldiers who died before and after death.


    Whenever I triumph over time I become " l i t e r a t u r e "

    - Sakshi , of literature.


    Heer and Ranjha - characters of a popular tragic romance.
    Henry VI - King of England during 15th century.
    Oliver Twist - central character of the novel ' Oliver Twist ' by Charles Dickens.

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