• ashraf_rehman 30w

    Life's Angel

    Ah! On the dark evening of life struggling,
    A girl came in my life heavenly blessing.
    Nor too late, fine on one afternoon early,
    She came in my life as joyful spring.

    Alas! She was in ocean of pain,
    Surrounded by her deep sore rain.
    She never claimed nor she cried,
    For she believed that a friend stands beside.

    Oh! Beauty Angel! Shall I say you are my life?
    Or shall I show life you are all mine!
    My Angel! Who knows what I fear and feel!
    Oh! My Life! Her deep concern have aways been real.

    A bond with purity and blessing,
    Friends who share their life's razing.
    The world tells tale of great stories,
    Here, Oh my life's angel! I do claim the bond of our life rallies.

    (The Wild Wølf)