• a_gentilischi 10w

    DIY Universe

    Ladies and gentlemen, come, don't be shy
    Buy our universe-making kit, it's DIY.

    A personal paradise, a perpetually cloudless sky
    Get the universe-making kit, the time is nigh

    Plug in that laptop, turn the volume high
    Cancel your appointments, as time will fly

    Open Facebook and Snapchat. Don't forget Spotify.
    Snap selfies (PRO TIP: Add filters to beautify)

    Friends and family, to come in, they'll try
    So build your walls, make sure they're high

    Thousands of followers, posts and amazing sites
    Who cares if your family isn't in your sights

    Friends might complain. Don't listen to their sighs
    Ignore the dimming light in your lover's eyes

    What? You feel lonely? Your post got thousand likes!
    This is your universe. Don't you dare cry.

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    #mirakee #thoughts #writersnetwork

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