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    Plight of a lady is shown here under this, maybe at one point of time every girl do relate this poem to herself. A plight where she didn't get chance to express their like,dislike but are expected to follow whatsoever told and people who keep a blind eye on her like,dislike are her own people, people from family,relative. And it's really sad.

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    Ultimately, had asked her,
    Where u r good at?
    What u wanted?
    She literally thought,
    She had not even one thing
    On which she dwell confidently
    Or in which she thought
    She's good at..
    She did whatsoever
    She's told to do
    She's accustomed to,
    No one had asked her wish :-(
    Nor she had rebelled against them
    As all those people who
    Accustomed her to that life
    Are her well-wishers,
    she call 'em "'my people"' some Time