• totobii 5w

    You represent goodness and happiness,
    You look like what my beautiful future holds,
    You entwine every fibre I have into a harp,
    You are my dream come true,
    My saviour,
    You quench my thirst with your colorless liquidity,
    Or at least that's what I think,

    But are you really,
    Are you my guardian angel,
    Who's gonna make me immortal,
    Or become mortal for me?
    Ascend from your clouds of deity to this earth of dust,
    Tear your wings and walk with me to the ends of earth?

    Or are you a malicious demon,
    With destructive intent,
    Targetting to eat my heart,
    Throw my guts away,
    Or goo my brain away?
    Do you wanna use my body,
    Then wipe your lips, wash your hands and leave me writhing on the ground?

    Or are you just my regular Joe,
    Tale as old as the rhyme ,
    With an angel on the right ,
    And the devil on the left ,
    Occasionally lifting a shoulder up,
    But mostly balancing them?

    Or are you me?
    Are you my reflection ,
    Everything I want to be,
    Or everything I don't wanna be ,
    Everything am attracted to
    Or everything that repulses me?

    Or are you life,
    My rite of passage,
    To my next stage in life ,
    Are you a bridge to the future,
    Or are you the future itself,
    Are you the mistake I should learn from,
    Or the breakdown I should get my breakthrough from,
    Or the diamond I accidentally find at the banks of a river,
    Or the chaff I should remove to get my clean rice,

    What are you?