• scribbledmind 6w

    To the one I loved

    You were the one and only one
    I fall in love with
    You were the one
    Who meant the world to me
    You were the one
    With whom I shared my everything
    You were the one
    Whom I trusted with my heart
    You were the one
    With whom I saw dreams
    Which is now shattered into pieces
    Circumstances and destiny
    Was not with us,
    But when it gave us a chance,
    You choose her,
    Now you say
    All these years
    Were fake,
    All these years
    You felt empty,
    Now you say
    Same words to her
    Was 5 years were nothing
    In front of 2 months of love?
    Yes this hurts me
    Yes it give me pain
    Yes it's unbearable
    Because I always saw your happiness
    Because I had loved you
    But it feels like you didn't
    Thank you for taking my trust from love.