• thephenomenal 6w

    #love trauma

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    I don't want to cry
    But it doesn't want to climb too
    The forgone memories never die
    The dropping tears never dries

    I never got shy in the second tie
    Because am used to the beating
    I need to tighten those keys
    Then I budge into the hall of karaoke

    Ignoring the close call
    With some atoms of hard feelings
    Stainless piece of cloth at the spot of tears
    Traveling arm from someone that cares

    Took advantage of my loneliness
    Try to invest in my comeliness
    I want to stay off the beaten track
    But makes me participate in love Olympic

    I told he want to dig the gold
    Because my empire never uses morse code
    Living on past believe
    Dancing to the ancient tune