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    Jesus Is The End

    It's not over with you
    No matter the pain
    And hardship and
    Sorrow you going through

    ""You said to yourself,
    There isn't hope for me
    Its over with me.

    What am l doing with life
    When I'm dying slowly
    With my deadly diseases

    My cancer is killing me

    I'm fed up with this pain
    I can't hold it anymore
    This is the end""

    But I want to tell you
    Jesus Christ is the end
    My life was slain for you
    To live to the end,
    In times of pain and sorrow

    Remember life is endless
    If only you see Jesus
    At the end of it.

    I John 5:11-12
    [11]And this is the testimony:
    that God has given us eternal life,
    and this life is in His Son.

    [12]He who has the Son has life;
    he who does not have
    the Son of God does not have life.

    Have you not understand this,
    Jesus is life,
    He said to his disciples,
    Believe my name and my
    Father also will hear you.

    Look at this,

    Revelation 2:10
    [10]Do not fear any of those
    things which you are about
    to suffer. Indeed, the devil
    is about to throw some of
    you into prison, that you
    may be tested, and you will
    have tribulation ten days.
    Be faithful until death, and
    I will give you the crown of life.

    The more you're going through
    The more God is increasing
    Your faith to overcome the
    storm. Amen!!

    As you go through
    God is preparing you
    God is changing your situation
    He is ordering your steps
    He is fixing you

    He is waiting you at the end
    He is the end
    If you don't seen him never stop
    Pursuing Him Amen!!

    Jesus is the end

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