• _pooja_0123 6w

    She’s a Poem
    He’s an Invisible Ink

    She’s a Love Ballad
    He’s a Vocal Less Echo

    She’s a Soothing Lullaby
    He’s a Muted Lyric

    She's a Warm Breeze
    He's a Whimpered Wind

    She’s a Wished Rain
    He’s a Thirst in Desert

    She’s a Flying Dream
    He’s a Falling Demon

    She’s Nourishing on Pages
    He's Dissolving into Ink

    As if, Final Chapter of His Book in a Making?
    She May Breathe Forever in His Silent Echoes...

    #echoes #pod #mirakee #laughing_soul #ceesreposts @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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    As if : She's ....!!
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