• shalugupta232 30w

    The one for my Mother

    The bangles and the chain,
    The happiness and the pain.
    With all that she went through,
    When I was 9 months in her womb,
    Waking up the whole night,
    Just to make me healthy and bright.
    Providing me all the necessities,
    And learning for me all the recipes.
    With the hair braids she made me early morning,
    And the sleepless nights that she spent yawning.
    The confidence and the boost she gives,
    Bed time stories while sleeping she weaves.
    The taste and smell that her food brings,
    And washer she becomes when my clothes stings.
    She does this,she does that and she manages the household chores,
    And all done perfectly to the fullest and more.
    With all that she is for me,
    I can't repay all that you have done for me.