• aman_aj_00 10w

    Dwelling nights in those woods
    Screaming heart and her dripping hood
    Uncanny hunt for her long trapped soul
    Lost with the redwoods in a shack so old.

    The breeze charmed the moon
    Agitated of desires, she moved in that cabin with divine croons
    Perceived the memories, enduring love in heart
    Fire in the chimney, yet unblemished for years apart

    The diary she saw, some pages she unfolds
    Solitary soul lived inside, craving for love she once sold
    Wind fired in freeze, made the night so dark
    She turned to last page, turning souls to her stars

    Eternal sins of her life, she waited by the lake
    In the summers of desire, tears rolling in winter breaks
    As she read the last words, the fire lost in dark
    Thou soul left forever, in a world free of scars..